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"Each individual is born with karma, the residual from past lives that must be resolved …"
— Diane Goldner


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A novelist and private person, Clayton lives off the grid on the Pacific Coast.

“Most tellingly, I believe if we should happen upon a person ferrying the soul of a lover from a past life, a kind of recognition may occur, often taking the form of blisteringly delicious and ungovernable attraction. Those fortunate enough to know this phenomenon’s heart-stopping rush may refer to the moment as being hit by a bus or falling in love at first sight, yet it is actually a much deeper well. And therefore, it follows that someone living today could very well be hosting the soul that once occupied Joan of Arc, Napoleon, Anne Frank, Einstein, or Martin Luther King.

About fifteen years ago, a respected shaman professed to have accessed three of my past lives to the extent of seeing that during my most distant incarnation I had commanded a Roman legion before perishing after falling from a great height. He spoke of me prospering as a celebrated Argentine thespian and mother of three during my subsequent life. It was said I had died most recently while storming Omaha Beach on D-Day.

You may wonder how much credence I place in such tall tales. At this writing, the jury is still out. That said, I have always feared heights, even if only standing on a step ladder to clean out leaf-laden rain gutters. I remain addicted to Latin cuisine, and when I stood knee-deep in the surf at Omaha Beach in 2007, I wept like a baby.

All souls are created equal.”

About The Book

About The Book

Have you ever been slapped in the face by blisteringly delicious and untamable attractions? Or heard earsplitting messages from your inner voice? Or lived overpowering episodes of déjà vu? There may be reasons for these phenomena you have not considered.

Karma’s resolution often flows from crossing paths with the soul of a lover from a past life, a soul we are destined to encounter again in our current incarnation. These reconnections can be truly magical.

A chance meeting between Californian Dermot Foley and Parisian Anna Levet may not be as random as the couple first believe. Their magnetic encounter soon sparks shared memories—but not from their lives in 2013. Both sense that somewhere back in space and time their souls clung together on the very same vine. After Dermot and Anna experience glimpses of their harrowing past lives in Germany and Poland during World War II, they pursue every lead across Europe on a quest to weave the tapestry of their past incarnations.

Indie author Clayton Van Hook fashions a timeless love story within a gripping, richly sophisticated piece of historical fiction. Eye-opening. Transportive. Unforgettable. Most readers will find that when they’ve finished the novel, the novel will not be finished with them.

A novelist and private person, Clayton lives off the grid on the Pacific Coast.

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